At Bishop Fleming we’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment.

The firm takes a practical view on environmental sustainability, implementing energy and cost saving measures in a progressive and timely manner in order to change culture and behaviour.

In 2011 we implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) in order to measure our consumption of three main environmental indicators – electricity & gas, mileage, and paper. The EMS works on Peter Drucker’s ethos of ‘what gets measured gets managed’, which helps us limit our impact on the environment, and establish opportunities to reduce unnecessary costs.

In comparison to 2012, our electricity & gas utilisation per employee has been reduced by 6.5%, and we have cut overall paper consumption by 33%. The reduction in paper, means that we now consume 99 less trees per annum than we did in 2012 (a total of 200 trees in 2017). This is certainly a reflection of continued investment into IT, the introduction of a paperless document management system, and changed habits and practices.

Our culture means that we have a strong inter-office teamwork ethic, matching the people with the most appropriate skills and experience with our client base, regardless of geographical location. With seven offices spread from Worcester to Truro, a reduction in total business mileage continues to remain our biggest challenge, particularly in an environment where we are successfully increasing our overall client base. We are delighted to have achieved a reduction in mileage per £1000 income by over 26% since 2012,  and remain committed to servicing our client’s needs through building strong relationships.

As an organisation employing some 330 staff, we are compliant with the government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), and are also members of Low Carbon South West.

Our Environmental Policy Statement has a target to reduce energy consumption by 5% per annum.

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