National Payroll Week – check your holiday rights

6th September 2018

As part of National Payroll Week, Bishop Fleming’s Payroll team is raising awareness about employees receiving their proper holiday entitlement.

According to a recent report by the TUC, one in twelve employees are missing out on their legal holiday rights. The organisation claims that more than 2 million people do not receive the minimum paid leave rights they should and more than half of those do not receive any paid leave at all.

Employees are entitled to a statutory annual minimum of 28 days paid leave (pro rata and including public holidays).

According to the TUC’s report, the main reasons why people are missing out on their paid leave are because:

  • Staff are being given unrealistic workloads that do not allow them enough time to take their leave
  • Employers are deliberately refusing holiday requests
  • Employers are simply not aware of the law

The knock-on effect of this, says the TUC, is that people who work excessive hours are at risk of developing physical and mental illnesses, which will then also impact on co-workers, friends, and relatives.

The trades union body wants HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), which is already responsible for policing the National Minimum Wage (NMW), to be given extra powers to target employers who deny staff their statutory holiday rights. Workers would then be compensated for any missed holidays.

This proposal was effectively endorsed in the 2017 Taylor Review on modern work practices, which said: “HMRC should take responsibility for enforcing the basic set of core pay rights that apply to all workers – NMW, sick pay and holiday pay for the lowest paid workers.”

Back in February 2018, a subsequent government consultation stated: “The government accepts the case for the state enforcing a basic set of core rights for the most vulnerable workers, and intends to move in this direction”.

The TUC is calling on the government to guarantee that all UK workers can take the holidays to which they are entitled.

Bishop Fleming Payroll Services provides a fully managed payroll and workplace pension administration service, keeping clients up to date with all relevant regulatory changes. The team services over 900 public and private sector organisations throughout the UK, offering a BACSTEL-IP approved bureau, and continues to attract many new clients.

There is more information about National Payroll Week on the CIPP’s website, and if you would like to discuss your payroll requirements then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our dedicated team.


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