What sets Hilary apart?

Hilary specialises in advising High Net Worth Individuals. With over 30 years’ experience she fulfils the role of trusted adviser for many clients, some of whom are families she has dealt with for many years and generations and some of whom she has only recently started to advise. She believes excellent client service is essential and that straightforward advice can be the most effective. 

Hilary’s clients are from many walks of life including high level executives, entrepreneurs and business owners, property owners and landlords and others with high income and investment portfolios. 

Hilary's service expertise

Personal Tax
  • Experienced in providing tax advice on a wide range of areas including income and capital gains tax and minimising these liabilities where possible
  • Provides tax efficient advice relating to profit extraction from businesses and letting portfolios, including consideration of the best structure in which to hold these, with a view to building wealth and preparation for retirement
  • Advises property owners in respect of capital gains tax liabilities on properties including Buy to Let and other let properties, second homes and homes with large areas of land with a view to maximising tax reliefs available
  • For many years Hilary has also advised regarding other matters including trusts, domicile, and international tax matters
  • Hilary has many years’ experience of dealing with the tax affairs of deceased estates, Inheritance Tax returns and Probate for a wide range of estates, including all aspects of acting as Executor
  • Hilary provides Inheritance Tax advice for specific situations as well overall estate planning during life-time and in Wills in order to build wealth and maximise subsequent generations’ benefit from this

Hilary's sector expertise

  • Hilary has a nationwide reputation for tax efficient property tax advice

Thanks for all your help. It is reassuring to have someone willing and able to guide us through this nightmare where the end appears to be in sight now.

A huge thank you for all your help and guidance through the minefield which was surrounded by red tape as laid by HMRC!!

 Thank you very much for helping me, my family and my father with everything. The dedication that you and your colleagues have put in is amazing. 


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