What sets Lee apart?

Lee is an expert in payroll management, providing a tailored service to clients, giving them peace of mind as well reducing their risks of non-compliance with legislation.

Payroll is an increasingly complex task for employers to manage, and Lee ensures that a client’s payroll function is properly administered by his team, complying fully with the workplace pension auto enrolment rules and GDPR legislation. 

With over 30 years’ experience in payroll, Lee holds the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals Foundation Degree in Payroll Management.

He is passionate about reducing the payroll administrative burden on companies and organisations he works with, and at the same time adding real value to a client’s business, freeing them up to focus on running their core operations.

Lee's service experience

Payroll Services
  • Leading the firm’s payroll bureau team for a wide range of clients of various sizes, taking a robust and pragmatic approach to the payroll process and ensuring companies and organisations remain fully compliant with the law and meet all deadlines

Lee's sector experience

  • Advising the firm’s payroll clients in the education sector
  • Introduced the Pension Administration service the firm provides to the sector around the Teachers and Local Government Pension Schemes


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