What sets Pippa apart?

An excellent tax advisor, Pippa gives fully rounded tax advice aligned with personal, business and development strategies and goals.

Pippa works with clients across all stages of the business lifecycle. Her support ensures tax is within business strategy, and clients achieve their goals.  

By maintaining close relationships with stakeholders, her wealth of expertise brings clients significant advantages at key times.

Working with fast growth expanding businesses and their owners and management, Pippa’s clients appreciate her wide ranging tax skills. She helps them navigate tax issues and opportunities around all business issues including funding rounds, international expansion, management incentivisation and succession and exit.

She finds workable solutions to highly complex tax issues, applying her innovative thinking collaboratively with clients. Her solutions may need to be complex and nuanced, but her advice is given with clarity and translated into simplicity.

Pippa's service expertise

International Tax
  • Working with clients expanding overseas to ensure they address UK and overseas tax requirements
  • Helping UK headquartered clients get their international structure right to take advantage of all available tax reliefs
  • Helping inbound clients navigate UK tax requirements
Research and Development
  • Helping innovative clients maximise available tax incentives
  • Securing multimillion SME R&D tax credit claim by fully understanding client’s situation and applying highly complex overlay of tax legislation
  • Bringing tax expertise to clients at all stages of the business lifecycle
  • Ensuring all stakeholders’ tax issues are addressed

Pippa's sector expertise

Technology, Innovation and Growth
  • Working with Technology, Innovation and Growth businesses to help them secure significant tax advantages
Private Equity Backed Companies
  • Ensuring PE backed companies correctly address the multitude of tax complexities their structure can bring


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