What sets Virgil apart?

Virgil is a professional planner with extensive qualifications and experience in all areas of financial planning. His client-focused approach is what sets him apart by using a four-step approach whenever discussing a client’s financial position:

  1. What are your aims & objectives?
  2. Why is it important to you that you achieve these goals?
  3. What existing arrangements have you already put towards your goals, and what further provisions do you wish to invest to achieve these aims?
  4. Virgil will then consider how to most effectively use the available resources to help achieve his clients’ aims and objectives

By following this client-focused approach Virgil concentrates on what is important to his clients. This turns the financial planning meeting into a constructive and sensible two-way conversation where all ideas are discussed and explored. Jargon and unnecessary technical waffle will only be noticeable by their complete absence. Although technically adept, Virgil uses clear and direct language, as well as real-life examples, whenever explaining complex matters to his clients.

Virgil firmly believes a financial plan allows his clients to plan for the future they want to achieve, whilst making sure they’ve taken care of the unexpected.

Virgil's service expertise

Pension Planning
  • Covering the full spectrum of pension planning from funding your pension, investment options and the options available at retirement
  • Specialist advice on SIPPS and SSAS, commercial property purchase and Define Benefit schemes


Investment Planning

Comprehensive & strategic advice to personal clients, corporate clients, charities and trustees on how to best invest their funds to achieve their goals

Inheritance Tax Planning

Detailed advice on how to structure your wealth to meet your personal needs, whilst mitigating the impact of inheritance tax via the use of trust-based investment scheme, and other tax effective options, as well as insurance based inheritance tax options

Protection Planning

For personal and corporate clients, a carefully considered protection strategy can enable a family, or business, to cope with a sudden shock and change of circumstances