What sets Wendy apart?

Wendy has extensive experience in a number of different areas of VAT and focuses on making complex VAT issues understandable by businesses of all sizes. She enjoys getting to know clients’ businesses and business objectives so that the solutions she suggests fit in well for the client.

Her detailed knowledge of HMRC and the way in which it works means that she can often help clients to resolve issues arising from VAT inspections in a positive way.

Wendy's service expertise

International Tax
  • Keeping clients updated on Brexit developments and discussing the specific implications for their businesses
  • Advising UK clients on the VAT and other indirect tax implications of international transactions, including new branches or subsidiaries in the EU and beyond
  • Advising clients outside the UK on the key VAT and indirect tax issues to be considered when starting to operate in the UK and the EU
  • Advising clients on the VAT and other indirect tax consequences of complex international supply chains
  • Advising clients on the VAT liability of their supplies and the recoverability of VAT on costs, especially where there is a mixture of exempt and taxable supplies
  • Reviewing accounting systems to ensure that they deal with VAT correctly, especially in relation to the introduction of Making Tax Digital for VAT on 1 April 2019

Wendy's sector expertise

  • Advising a wide range of charity clients on the VAT liability of their income, in particular the distinction between grant income and services contracts
  • Advising charity clients who make taxable and exempt supplies and also have non business activities on VAT recovery methods, including agreeing special partial exemption methods with HMRC
  • Advising academies, further and higher education institutions and independent schools on the VAT liability of income and on VAT recovery methods
  • Advising academies and other education institutions on the VAT treatment of major capital projects, including the VAT liability of construction services and VAT recovery
Food and Drink
  • Advising clients on accounting for VAT on supplies of catering
  • Advising clients on the VAT liability of food and drink products, particularly where new products are being developed
  • Advising property developers on the VAT treatment of the acquisition of land for both commercial and residential development and VAT recovery for ongoing development projects
  • Advising construction clients on the VAT treatment of their construction services, particularly in mixed commercial and residential developments and project involving the conversion or refurbishment of residential buildings
  • Advising clients who are unable to reclaim VAT in full on the best way to structure property transactions to minimise any VAT costs
  • Advising retail clients on VAT accounting systems including retail schemes
  • Advising retail clients on the VAT treatment of business promotion schemes including vouchers


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