Payroll outsourcing service

Payroll has become complex, costly, and time-consuming due to the growth of employment red tape and the constant changes to legislation. Our outsourced payroll team can help ensure you’re compliant and your employees are paid accurately and on time.

Our aim is to build a strong partnership with our clients that enables us to meet their needs and exceed their expectations through a tailored and exceptional service.

Our Core Services

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We provide a fully managed payroll administration service and will process your payroll(s) and produce agreed reports and payslips, which will be delivered back to you via our GDPR compliant secure portal.

We will liaise with you to develop a thorough working knowledge of your rules and policies, as well as local working practices which affect the payment and administration of pay for your employees.

The payroll services we provide will include reconciliation and other aspects of payroll management. Our support will also extend to queries from your authorised personnel and agents, as well as from statutory bodies, such as HM Revenue and Customs, the Contributions Agency, and the Department for Work and Pensions.

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BACS payments

We are a fully accredited BACS bureau using APT BACSTEL-IP software. This provides the speed, security and ease of payment transactions provided by no other system and further reduces your administrative burden and internal costs. Our BACS bureau status gives us, with our clients mandated authority, the ability to debit their company bank account to credit the employee's bank accounts with the net salary payments. We can also, if required, administer the third-party payments, such as the monthly payment to HM Revenue & Customs by BACS.

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Auto Enrolment

Auto Enrolment (AE) has introduced complexity with many different thresholds and administration requirements. Our AE solution works seamlessly with our Payroll Service. We can set up a scheme with either Nest of Peoples Pension for start-up businesses and we can undertake the on-going assessment and administration around any qualifying Auto Enrolment work-place pension scheme.

We also provide wider advice on selecting a pension scheme if required through our sister company Bishop Fleming Independent Financial Advisors. For more information see our fact sheet - Auto Enrolment: How we can help.

Other Services

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Employer Solutions

Our specialist employer solutions team can help you attract and retain talent for your business, ensuring you are maximising value for you and your team.

We will work with you to understand your individual challenges and goals, then design and implement solutions that support the plans for your workforce.

Find out how we can help your business

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Pension Scheme Administration

In addition to keeping abreast of the changes to the Teachers and Local Government pension schemes, we also ensure the correct employee and employer pension contributions are calculated for all your staff and manage the required administration for both schemes. This has now extended to APTIS, as many schools are looking towards this scheme provider for pension provision.

This administration service option includes monthly summaries and BACS payment of pension contributions along with the completion of all the necessary monthly returns, such as for new starters and leavers.

*Pension Scheme Administration is a specialist education service.

Why you should outsource your payroll to Bishop Fleming

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We focus on client service

As part of our continued focus to provide the best possible client service experience, our client listening programme, Engage, ensures that we receive regular feedback on our service delivery. This enables us to better understand our client’s views about the service experience our teams provide and demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional client service.

This approach goes to the very heart of one of our core values – We think client

We proactively invest time with you to better understand your challenges, opportunities and aspirations. We will work in a partnership and provide reassurance that we deliver on time every time. Our priority is to anticipate your needs and guide you through any changes you need to make. To assist with this, we focus on building strong and trusting relationships with our clients by assigning a payroll specialist to each client.

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You’re looked after by qualified payroll specialists

We’ve been established for over 40-years, serving 1,000 small to medium sized companies and organisations who each employ up to 1,500 staff. Our payroll service clients are located throughout the UK and include trading businesses, charities, academy and non-academy schools, and public sector organisations.  There are 30 qualified payroll specialists in the team, with many years of experience who can provide cover and aim to answer your queries quickly and correctly.

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Save time and money

Our payroll team will take the strain off your shoulders by overseeing your payroll processes and deadlines so that every last detail is taken care of, and you have more time to focus on your business priorities.

It is difficult to find qualified payroll employees, and to avoid paying for expensive payroll software.  By placing your payroll process in our capable hands, we can save you time and money.

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Compliance with complex requirements and local legislation

Meeting your obligations as an employer to HMRC can be time-consuming and often confusing. We identify where there are changes in thresholds and provide guidance and scrutiny that ensures you  remain compliant. We are Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals Payroll Assurance Scheme assured. This provides our payroll clients with the peace of mind that we have the processes and procedures in place to provide a fully compliant service.

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Peace of mind with data security

We’re fully GDPR compliant with controls around how we securely deliver sensitive data to you. All information is sent through a portal and employees receive their payslips on a cloud based GDPR secure platform.

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Simple and transparent service fees

We levy a fee based on the number of employees processed through the payroll. This we believe to be the fairest way of charging for the service, as this ensures the fee always corresponds to the number of employees being processed and also ensures that our clients are never unfairly charged. We also factor economies of scale into our fee structure. To obtain a no obligation quotation please contact our Senior Manager Payroll Services; Lee Hellingsworth.


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