How can I expand my business overseas?

Whether you are a multinational with a worldwide mobile workforce, a business making your first overseas investment every action has international tax implications which require expert knowledge and planning to reduce or avoid your exposure to potential tax and other regulatory risk in an international context.

The world has become a smaller place, but in international tax terms, it is bigger than ever. Ease of travel, communications and international trade have increased the opportunity to trade on a global scale.

If the following issues resonate with your situation, then we have a team to help you:

  • How do I structure the business internationally?
  • How do I fund overseas expansion?
  • What is transfer pricing?
  • What about the movement of people and employees?
  • I want to export - what are the VAT implications?
  • What will be the impact of Brexit?

Our international team have many years experience in international tax planning, advising internationally mobile businesses and individuals manage cross-border projects. Our membership of Kreston International – a global network of independent accounting firms – means we are well placed to coordinate any cross border assignment, delivering expert advice to international clients.

Our work with government agencies such as the UKTI helps to secure invaluable advice and funding for businesses looking to grow overseas. The UK represents an excellent landing stage for any organisation looking to invest into the European Union and we support every aspect of a new UK inbound venture, we can therefore assist overseas companies looking to set-up in the UK.

Whether personal or business, the international team at Bishop Fleming can provide you with cost effective and timely service to achieve the most favourable results. If you, or your business, is facing the challenges international tax or planning brings, then please get in touch with  one of our international specialists.

Our international team provides expert advice on all aspects of international business tax planning, including:

  • Inbound and outbound investments
  • Importing and exporting goods or services
  • Mobile employees
  • Tax investigations and offshore disclosures/amnesty
  • Cross-border disputes
  • Foreign branch/subsidiary creation
  • Transfer pricing
  • International e-commerce
  • Global transaction structures
  • Double taxation agreements
  • Tax efficient funding

Please contact a member of our international team to find out how we can help you and your business.


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