My customer can't or won't pay me - what can I do?

Applying pressure to customers to make payment will expedite the outcome and minimise the drain on resources, but the outcome, whether it is payment, settlement or no recovery, carries uncertainty. Understanding the reasons for non-payment, identifying the early signs of a customer struggling financially, and being able to help a customer, all increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

We identify the options available specific to the circumstances and advise on a practical strategy moving forward. We advise on engaging with customers to understand their situation and to help them produce a positive outcome for all parties.

We consider the merits of any disputed debt and provide an opinion on recovery, including when and how to take legal action. We support and advise on the impact of any given outcome, from understanding the cash flow impact to reshaping a business that has suffered significant loss.

Do these issues exist in your business today?

  • A customer is paying me slower than normal
  • A customer is paying me odd amounts that do not tie up with invoices
  • A customer has changed its ordering pattern to less, more often
  • A customer has reached their credit limit and is no longer communicating with me

Are these questions unanswered in your business?

  • How do we identify the early signs of a customer struggling financially?
  • How can I help my customers that are not paying me?
  • How do I identify potential bad debt and prevent it?
  • What is good, effective credit control?
  • Does a retention of title clause make any difference?
  • How do I maximise the effectiveness of my retention of title clause?
  • Is it time to take legal action?
  • What are the options available to me when taking legal action?
  • How do I take legal action?

If you would like to explore these issues in relation to your business, contact a member of our restructuring team.


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