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Having become a client of Bishop Fleming in 2017, I have been extremely impressed with how the audit and surrounding advice has been delivered  and the advice given to me and my growing technology business. Their hour of glory was when their outstanding tax team, including Stephen Martin, identified a major issue created by my previous advisors, and by successfully appealing on the company’s behalf, resolved this and potentially saved many £100ks of tax. I would heartily recommend Bishop Fleming for any business needing to engage a trusted advisor and am looking forward to receiving their continued help and support.

Dan Fallon, Founder and Managing Director

We'd like to express our appreciation of the excellent support and service received from Bishop Fleming in relation to our R&D tax credit, which has now been approved by HMRC and payment has been received. Due to the quality of the explanation and guidance provided by Bishop Fleming's tax managers, we are now able to take this aspect forward as a regular part of our accounting process.

Bishop Fleming Business Tax Client

Bishop Fleming have provided me with invaluable advice, both in my corporate and personal affairs, throughout the period of our relationship. They have always been able to provide me with the right expertise for whatever circumstances I have encountered. This has continued right up the sale of the business, where their combined corporate finance and tax advice was vital to us reaching a successful conclusion within a tight deadline.


Andy Cotton, former Managing Director of PD Edenhall Limited group

May I thank you for your dedication to the task and patience through the almost endless months of work. I believe we have secured a really good deal and that the team are well set for the future. Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it.

Many thanks to you and all your team for the help and support you provided; we wouldn’t have got anywhere without you.

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8th April 2020

Coronavirus: help for the self-employed

UPDATED. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has outlined financial support for the self-employed during the Coronavirus pandemic with a taxable grant of 80% of their average monthly profits over the last three years up to £2,500 per month
7th April 2020

Coronavirus and R&D Tax Relief

HM Revenue & Customs says it is doing everything it can to process R&D tax credit claims as quickly as possible in the current difficult climate
7th April 2020

COVID 19 – Checklist for mothballing buildings

One of the new challenges facing charities/Academy Trusts/businesses is what to do with their buildings where the majority of staff, and in some cases all staff, are now working from home.

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