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Corporate Finance Services at Bishop Fleming Chartered Accountants

Bishop Fleming’s Corporate Finance advisory team can help you keep up with changes in your business, and have the depth of experience to provide a range of specialist services to suit your needs.

We’re proud to have provided many businesses, from small entities to PLCs, with the full spectrum of corporate finance advisory services.

Our qualified team of corporate finance specialists, accountants and valuation experts provides a professional and creative consultancy service based on many years’ experience in successfully completing the right transactions for our clients. We pride ourselves on listening to your objectives and tailoring our service in your best interests and to suit your needs.

Our typical areas of expertise include: M&A Lead advisory (Disposals and Acquisitions), Management Buy Out, Due Diligence, Exit Planning, Finance Raising and Grant Services, Strategic Advisory Services, Strategic Board Support, Business Planning and Modelling, Options Appraisals, and Valuation.

In addition to the full range of corporate finance services, our team also has access to specialist teams within Bishop Fleming including tax, VAT and pensions advisory services.

Bishop Fleming LLP is licensed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales to provide certain limited investment services where these are complementary to or arise out of the professional services to our clients. 

Below are the services we offer to help you and your business:

Disposal, Acquisition, Due Diligence

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We provide a life-cycle service for people wishing to sell their business. We can assist you in assessing your strategic options, preparing your business for sale, researching the market and finding potential buyers, negotiating the best deal for you, providing commercial and financial input to the legal process and project managing the transaction to completion.

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Due Diligence

Before an acquisition can complete, the acquirer needs to understand what is being bought. We can play an important role in the evaluation of a target business, by preparing a financial & tax due diligence report. We compile an independent review of the target to ensure you understand the financial and tax aspects of what you are acquiring. This helps determine the price to pay and will assists with raising finance. The review can look at historical information, forecast information, or just focus on key areas to suit you. We aim to provide reports of practical use, which will identify critical areas early to assist your understanding and decision making.

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For businesses looking to expand by acquisition, we provide a full lead advisory service to ensure the right deal actually happens. We can assist you with finding targets, raising finance, negotiating the deal and efficiently and effectively project managing the transaction to completion. We can also provide due diligence services as outlined below, and assist with post-transaction acquisition integration.

Fundraising Advisory Services

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We can identify sources of equity funding for all businesses, from those needing start up capital, through to those established businesses looking to fund expansion. We can assist you in your presentation to potential funders and preparation of forecasts and business plans. We can help you establish an indicative valuation for the business, and assist you in your negotiations with funders. We can do what is required to ensure that your business gets the funding it needs to reach its objectives.

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Debt and Banking

We are experienced in advising on raising new debt for acquisitions, capital expenditure, working capital or anything else. We can assist in identification of and liaison with potential lenders, preparation of forecasts & business plans, presentations to lenders, negotiations with lenders and financial and commercial input to legal documents. We are also skilled in advising on renewal and suitability of existing banking arrangements, including currency and interest rate hedging, pricing, security and money transmission proposals. The Bishop Fleming Corporate Finance team also has significant experience in supporting businesses through recovery situations and strong contacts within each of the banks’ corporate support credit teams.

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Management Buy Outs

A management buy out offers an exciting opportunity both for shareholders to exit a business, and for its management to take ownership of it. We offer all the services required to assist a management team with meeting its objectives. We can find the right funders (both debt and equity) to finance the deal. We will ensure that the business is presented to the financiers in the best light. We will assist with the preparation of forecasts and business plans and provide financial & commercial input into the legal process. We will work closely with the management team throughout to ensure a thorough understanding of the process and its outcomes. We will bring together management, shareholders and funders to ensure that the right deal actually happens.

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Our corporate finance team can also look beyond normal equity and debt funding, with its deep knowledge of the availability of grant funding. Over recent years we’ve assisted businesses throughout the region to access over £20m of capital and revenue grant funding. We have expertise in identifying potential sources of grant finance for any business, and have an excellent success record in applying for grants.

If you own or run a business you will from time to time face the need to transform its performance – make it bigger, leaner, better, more focused, and more adaptable.

It could be time to apply some longer term strategic thinking. Should you be planning for a future sale? Should you be investing for your longer term growth? What have you done about your business and ownership succession planning? Bishop Fleming’s Corporate Finance team can assist you in making the right decisions for you and the business.

Strategic Advisory Services

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Strategic Board Support

We can assist the Board of a company over time in long term strategic decision making. We can ask the hard questions, sometimes providing the unpopular view. We can help identify what the owners and directors want out of the business, and help with the implementation of long term plans.

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Options Appraisals

We assist clients with the strategic assessment of their businesses and help them to consider long term options for growth, succession or sale.

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Business Planning & Modelling

We can assist with the preparation of professional business plans and detailed financial forecasts to assist with running and monitoring the business, raising funds or attracting potential investors.

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We are experts in providing formal business valuations to assist owners with assessing the net worth of their shareholdings, to assist them with making business decisions.


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