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Capital Tax

Capital Tax Services at Bishop Fleming Chartered Accountants   

Are you looking to the future, contemplating selling a business, looking to invest, or future-proofing your assets, but unsure when it comes to capital taxes if you’re on the right path? 

At Bishop Fleming, our team of tax experts is here to help you navigate the complexities of capital taxes, allowing you to plan your affairs with a focus on the present and the future. We are committed to providing strategic support at every stage of your journey, ensuring your wealth is built, maintained, and transferred efficiently. 

A tailored approach 

We understand that financial planning can be complex, so our capital tax offering is tailored to guide you through various milestones, including building wealth and establishing businesses, lifestyle funding and retirement, and intergenerational wealth transfers. 

Our specialists can assist with:  

  • Setting up businesses and utilising tax reliefs 

  • Remuneration advice and lifestyle funding 

  • Creating holding structures for family assets  

  • Guiding business governance and family succession 

  • Tax-efficient investment for the short and long-term 

  • Transaction support on business sales 

  • Transitioning the family business and wider family wealth to the next generation 

We’ll take time to know your affairs in detail, and our solutions will provide you with comfort that you are proceeding down the right path in the short and long term and importantly are not missing opportunities along the way to take steps which could aid you later. 

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