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The seemingly unending demand for both residential and commercial property has led to an increase in the number of individuals and companies active in the sector, from the individual with a plot of land to sell to the large development and investment groups.

Whatever the size or commercial structure there is a need to have good quality business and in particular tax and VAT advice.

Our Real Estate and Construction Team is made up of experienced individuals who have a real understanding of both the residential and commercial property development market. All of our team members have knowledge and experience of the sector; and the commercial, structural, legal and practical issues that arise. This is invaluable when working with solicitors and other professionals to provide solutions.

Our team is proactively involved in advising on a number of long term projects, some of which come to fruition over a period of many years.

Financial and tax planning is best started at the earliest possible stage – before purchase, before any building starts or before planning permission is obtained. The earlier we are involved, the better the results are.

We are in a market where margins are tightening and the future value of your development is not clear cut. Tax should be viewed as an important cost and one which can be mitigated at all stages of the building, development and investment process; from the sale of green field sites onwards.

One should always remember that the next person in the development chain will be factoring their own tax burden into the return they expect to make and therefore tax has a real effect on property and land values.

Whilst the tax burden is increasing, and increasingly complex, sensible planning can mitigate the effects and increase your returns.

We are fortunate at Bishop Fleming to have some of the top specialists in their disciplines ranging from the direct taxes such as Capital Gains Tax and Income/Corporation taxes to the Indirect taxes such as VAT and Stamp Duty Land Tax.

But what makes us really special is the way in which we coordinate those resources to achieve the very best results for our clients. In the same way that an orchestra of the best players without a conductor won’t make great music, we know how vital it is to ensure that our specialists are properly directed by a lead individual with an overview of the case.

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