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Funding Advisory Services at Bishop Fleming 

Over the past 10 years the UK funding market has changed significantly. Gone are the days when there were just four main banks on the high street and private equity was the preserve of the largest business.

Confidence and liquidity abounds in a market that now includes multiple niche funders, internet and challenger banks, private equity for SMEs and, of course, a highly changed high street banking landscape.

The challenge is how to navigate the funding markets to find and access the right finance to grow your business. 

Through our own networks and partnerships, we can place finance into a multitude of situations from the simplest debt request through to the most complex including corporate refinance, growth and acquisition finance and where needed, distressed debt situations.

The funding market in the UK is continually changing and our team of experts have unmatched skills in supporting businesses in raising finance. Partner led and highly experienced, our team comprises corporate funding professionals and former senior bankers who have a wealth of experience in managing and sourcing finance for clients

Our core services:

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Acquisition Finance

We specialise in securing financing for various scenarios, from straightforward debt requests to complex situations such as corporate refinance, growth initiatives, and acquisition finance.

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Business Banking and Funding

Whether you're embarking on the next phase of your growth journey, investing in new products, services, or technology, or enhancing your cash flow, there are various avenues to secure funds.

Our seasoned finance team brings years of experience to guide businesses through the complexities of the banking market, regardless of your size or sector.

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Managing Cash Flow and Working Capital

We offer funding solutions for managing cash flow and working capital and provide tailored financial support to ensure your business has the necessary resources to navigate operational challenges and seize growth opportunities.

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Financial Planning

By considering factors such as your business objectives, investment preferences, and agreed level of risk, we create a bespoke financial roadmap to help you achieve your goals.

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Refinancing can provide various benefits that can positively impact your business. Our dedicated team specialise in the restructuring and refinancing of existing debt facilities.

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Growth Finance

Supporting businesses seeking investment for expansion and growth, we help position your business for funders.

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Private Equity

Whether it's your first venture into Private Equity or experienced in this field, our advisors guide you through finding the right type of investor or partner for your business, helping you avoid common pitfalls and gain the most from working with Private Equity investors.

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Project Finance

Receive clear and precise guidance on applying tax legislation and accounting standards to support your project financing needs.

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Transactional Finance

Whether raising money for an investment project or advising on UK and international expansion, we provide strategic guidance.

Our expertise covers the entire process, ensuring adequate funding for your projects and successful business expansions.

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Raising and Refinancing Debt

Identify your funding needs and secure financing with our assistance. We guide you through the entire process from start to finish, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your financial requirements and facilitating successful debt raising or refinancing.

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Grant funding

Whether you seek advice on the grants currently available or require an experienced professional to advise you through the grant application process, Bishop Fleming can help you. 

Our specialist Grants Service is a well-established part of the firm's Corporate Finance discipline, supporting clients with information on grant availability and advice on qualifying criteria and the application process.

We've helped secure over £20m of grant funding for projects in various sectors, including Renewable Energy, Environmental Technology, Oil and Gas Drilling, Marine, Advanced Engineering, Manufacturing, Creative Media, Construction, Medical, Tourism, Brewing, and Food Processing.

Grant funding often forms part of a wider finance package, and our teams can assist in preparing business plans, financial forecasts, and advice on other available funding options.

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