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Transport and Logistics

Accounting Services for Transport and Logistics Businesses  

The transport and logistics industry stands at the forefront of an ever-evolving economic landscape, playing a pivotal role in the efficient acquisition, storage, and transportation of products.

Recognising the importance of this sector, Bishop Fleming provides specialised accounting services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses within the rail, road, aviation, and automotive industries.

The sector includes haulage and warehousing, as well as businesses in freeports, supply chain management and multi-model transportation.

International reach

Bishop Fleming, being a member of Kreston Global, is connected to a worldwide network of professional advisors who provide expert knowledge while considering local legislation and cultural differences in their respective countries. This connection allows us to efficiently coordinate cross-border assignments and provide international clients with expert advice.

Navigating the path to Net Zero

We are committed to providing our clients with the support they need to thrive. A key issue for the sector is the move towards achieving Net Zero in a sustainable and profitable way, whilst still being able to move goods in the most efficient manner. This includes meeting the regulatory requirements of moving away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy in the use of transportation. 

In recognition of the environmental challenges faced by the industry, our specialists can assist with evaluating and advising on the environmental impact of business operations.

Our specialists can advise with:

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Comprehensive accounting services to manage your financial records effectively.

We understand the intricacies of your industry, from fuel cost fluctuations to compliance challenges, and we're here to help you streamline your financial processes.

We will help you to create robust budgets and forecasts to cover such items as vehicle acquisitions and maintenance costs. And we will work with you in examining your revenue streams, cost structures, and operational metrics to identify areas for improvement and increased profitability.

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Ensuring financial transparency and compliance for your business.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the transport sector, audit services coupled with big data analytics emerge as indispensable tools for optimising operational efficiency and ensuring fiscal integrity.

We can undertake a rigorous examination of your financial records, internal controls, and compliance measures, offering a comprehensive evaluation of your company's financial health, and allowing for the analysis of data to uncover patterns, trends, and anomalies.

This ensures companies make data-driven decisions, optimise route planning, minimise fuel consumption, and enhance overall supply chain performance.

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Corporate Finance and Funding Advisory

Expert guidance on mergers, acquisitions, and funding advisory.

Corporate finance and funding advisory services play a pivotal role in steering companies within the transport sector towards sustainable growth and strategic financial management. In an industry where capital-intensive assets such as fleets and infrastructure are paramount, expert guidance in corporate finance becomes invaluable.

We can identify the right financing options, including debt, equity, and alternative sources, tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Our services include structuring deals, optimising capital structures, and securing financing on favourable terms. Additionally, we can provide insights into financial modelling, risk management, and valuation, enabling you to make informed decisions that align with your company's long-term objectives.

Whether it's financing a fleet expansion, navigating through mergers and acquisitions, or managing working capital efficiently, our corporate finance and funding advisory services are instrumental in helping you to weather financial challenges and capitalise on strategic opportunities.

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Tax services are a crucial element in ensuring financial health and compliance for companies.

This takes into account the unique complexities associated with the sector, ranging from fuel taxes to intricate international tax considerations.

We offer strategic guidance on optimising tax structures, claiming relevant deductions, and managing tax liabilities efficiently. In an environment where fuel costs, vehicle depreciation, and regulatory frameworks significantly impact financial outcomes, these services are essential for mitigating tax risks and maximising opportunities for tax savings. 

As well as international tax planning, we also provide expertise in navigating employment tax complexities across many jurisdictions.

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Specialised Value-added tax (VAT) advice, with a focus on Customs Duties.

VAT services tailored to the transport sector play a pivotal role in ensuring fiscal compliance and optimising financial processes.

Where cross-border transactions and diverse service offerings are common, expert VAT services are essential for navigating the complexities of the regulations and ensuring the efficient movement of goods and services.

We provide strategic guidance on the VAT implications of international freight, logistics, and passenger transportation.

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