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Business Strategy and Advisory

Business Strategy and Advisory Services at Bishop Fleming Chartered Accountants

In the dynamic landscape of business, strategic planning is paramount to achieving long-term success. At Bishop Fleming, we go beyond traditional accounting. Our Business Strategy and Advisory Services are designed to empower your business with insights, analysis, and personalised support that goes hand-in-hand with your financial goals. 

Before embarking on significant strategic changes such as sales, buy-outs, acquisitions, or fundraising, we guide clients through a thorough review process. Drawing on our team's wealth of experience, business network, and sector research, we provide a rounded assessment of available options. Whether you're planning a future exit or fundraising project, our proactive approach involves continuous strategy refinement.

Our advisory services provide tailored guidance, ensuring that your strategic plans are aligned with long-term shareholder objectives and offer insights into areas that need improvement or development so you’re always moving forward.

Our core services include:

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Business Reporting and Insights

We work with you to create bespoke and user-friendly reports along with business insights that meet your needs and, if relevant, include graphics and commentary alongside the figures.

As well as evaluating your commercial performance, assessing core metrics such as growth, sales yields, gross profit and net profit margins, debtor recoverability and other key performance indicators pivotal to your business, we can provide tailored reports for stakeholders or third parties such as lenders.

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Industry Benchmarking

With our extensive range of clients across many sectors, we can benchmark your performance against similar organisations in your sector. By comparing your financial performance with different entities this may result in a reassessment of your financial and non-financial goals and ultimately bring you improved business efficiencies and financial gains.  

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Data Analysis

In an evolving world of data analytics software, our experienced team can apply these tools to your accounting transactional data. We can help businesses identify trends and delve deeper into the underlying data. We can also report on key performance measures, identify anomalies or unusual items and communicate our insights, and where required, suggest actions to be taken.  

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Business Planning

Having up-to-date financial information is crucial for assessing the health and performance of your business. Our business planning processes bring financial control to your organisation, reducing the risk of financial surprises. We work with you to create bespoke reports that align with your objectives.

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Budgets and Cashflow Forecasting

We will work with you to introduce a robust budgeting and forecasting process that includes the ability to perform scenario planning. Where required, we will help you transition to a new budgeting and forecasting tool that enables you to build budgets and forecasts with year-on-year comparisons.  

In the future, the level of support we provide is tailored to your needs. We will work alongside you in planning for your business whilst also monitoring working capital, or we can review your figures to challenge your in-house processes and underlying assumptions.

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Business Advisory and Virtual FD

Being an owner-manager of a small or medium-sized entity (SME) can be hard work and incredibly time-consuming. Business owners will turn to fellow Directors and their internal management team for advice and support in growing their business. As an accountancy practice, we work closely with business owners to help them achieve both their personal and business financial goals.

The regularity of our interaction with clients varies, so we tailor our services to your needs. Increasingly, we are providing a more regular, structured presence within a client's business to provide the advice and support that a Finance Director would otherwise offer, or we can supplement the advice given by your existing FD.

As well as getting to know your business, we aim to know you - the owner - personally to gain a greater understanding of your personal objectives and commitments. This helps us work with you to align your business objectives with your personal financial vision.

This is where we are different from traditional, employed Finance Directors where it is often not appropriate for anything other than business information to be shared. We are not just technical experts; we are your trusted advisors.  

We provide a relationship-focused service which can be tailored around your existing management and finance structures to fit individual requirements and budgets.

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