Forensic Accounting and Valuation

Bishop Fleming launched our forensic accounting department in 1992. Since then the team has earned a reputation as one of the best in the country.

Our forensic accounting team is regularly asked to appear as expert witnesses and as such, they are acknowledged as experts in their field.

Forensic accountants are the detectives of the finance world and help investigate fraud and other financial misrepresentation. The work of a forensic accountant is to enable lawyers, insurance companies and other clients to resolve disputes.

Solicitors will sometimes call on the services of an expert witness to support their client in court. Bishop Fleming’s forensic accounting team members give expert evidence in cases where professional negligence claims, loss and valuation are an issue.  In order to testify in court, our forensic accountants need to be at the top of their game, aware of the latest legislation and able to keep a cool head under cross-examination. They tend to be good at analysis and interpretation and they’re good at explaining sometimes complex financial details in layman’s terms.

Call one of our specialists to discuss how our forensic accounting team might be able to help you.

I thought the SJE report from Chris Walklett was excellent. It was clear and concise and enabled me to quickly and easily establish the facts.

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