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Bishop Fleming Funding Advisory Service

Our Funding Advisory Hub, curates insights and expertise together in one place, to assist your company in raising finance.

What sets Ian apart?

Ian is an expert in advising a broad range of clients with financial planning and wealth management. 

His approach considers not only what can be achieved legislatively but also the practical application of advice and most importantly what best meets the needs of each client.

An holistic view of a client’s planning is always considered well before the solution is arrived at; ensuring the advice is about planning and not products.

Ian relates to the people he advises and conveys complex planning strategies in a clear and understandable way.

Ian's service expertise

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IFA Services

•    Personal & corporate planning
•    Advice to Trustees
•    Retirement planning arrangements from personal pension to complex self-invested arrangements and occupational schemes
•    Guidance with preparing for the lifestyle changes we will all go through
•    Protecting family and loved-ones from the financial consequences of death or illness
•    Wealth planning pre and post business sale
•    Helping you to pass your wealth to future generations

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