Diversity and inclusion

The fundamental principles of making D&I work for all of us, are to respect each other whilst celebrating our differences, and, to establish opportunities for development to ensure that talent is created, fostered and developed at all levels to enable everyone achieve their full potential.

What does Diversity and Inclusion mean for Bishop Fleming?

Diversity is all about the mix of people we have in the firm – and the differences they bring to the firm. We already have 350 or so people who are completely different, with each one bringing something unique to the collective mix. 

A fundamental principle of making D&I work for all of us, is to respect each other whilst celebrating our differences. Our D&I project also links to various aspects of our CSR programme, for example our support of Young Enterprise and seeking to help improve the social mobility of children in schools and social backgrounds who might not otherwise make a career in the professions. Inclusivity is then about making that mix work well together. It is about ensuring our culture values the differences, and makes everyone welcome as part of our team with equal opportunity. Our objective is to make sure everyone can reach their full potential and that there are no barriers connected with ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disability, or age. And it is making sure that our culture, and everyone in the team, is strong enough to deal with any behaviour that is not acceptable in such an environment.

As Chair of Bishop Fleming I work with HR and the Learning & Development teams to ensure that we have both internal and external help and guidance to maintain a long term programme to make Bishop Fleming a role model in Diversity & Inclusion. 


Ian Smith, Chair


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