Webinar: Conversation with James Piper of Ecosurety

  Wed, 03/06/2020
  11:00  –  11:45

Join us for the next in our series of upcoming Food & Drink video webinars with key Food & Drink figures giving insight into their business and thoughts on the future of the industry.

Ria Burridge, Food & Drink Audit Partner at Bishop Fleming, sits down for a conversation with James Piper, Chief Executive Officer of Ecosurety

James discusses his role at Ecosurety, who are a recycling compliance scheme operating across packaging (both in the UK and Internationally), WEEE (waste electrical and electronic) and battery producer responsibility schemes. Ecosurety is focussed on developing and increasing recycling capacity through extended producer responsibility (EPR) legislation. 

Ecosurety represent a full spectrum of brands operating in the food and drink sector, including many household names, who support them in their charge to create a fairer and more ethical packaging recovery note (PRN) market.

Participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions to our speaker and host.


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