UK charities benefit from over £35m for inactive or dormant charity funds

29th July 2020

A programme that is managed by the Charity Commission and the charity UKCG is to continue to be funded until March 2021. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) have announced that continued funding is authorised for a programme that takes funds from dormant charities and puts it to good use and should allow money that has been previously donated, to be utilised.

Trustees of charities that have funds and are inactive, or unable to make the difference they once did, are being called upon by the Charity Commission to engage and allow funds to be put to work by similar charities, with similar causes, supporting people and communities in these extraordinary times.

An inactive charity (meaning those that have had no income or expenditure over the last 5 years) or an ineffective one (meaning those that have spent less than 30% of total income over the last 5 years), once identified by the Commission as such, will be offered the option to act with support, to get back up and running, or select to redeploy their funds to causes with similar aims.

Those charities that have objectives to support animals, religious causes or war memorials are the only charities not yet eligible for the programme, which began in January 2018 and is reported to have reached out to over 1800 charities. 

The Charity Commission has removed 179 charities from the register, over 65 since lockdown, and transferred funds to similar charities, and has revitalised 26 charities. 

Any trustee looking to engage their charity in this programme to benefit others, can find more information at DCMS here.


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