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Bishop Fleming's Race to Base

In aid of Midlands Air Ambulance Charity and Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust

Bishop Fleming Race To Base


With your support, and match funding from Bishop Fleming, we have raised over £5,000 – this will cover the cost of two life-saving helicopter flights or 20 critical care car missions.

The Challenge

Two of our offices worked closely together to develop this novel initiative to raise valuable funds for their retrospective local air ambulance charities. 

On Friday 29 July, the teams of four from each office were dropped off in Taunton which is the central point between our most Northern and Southern offices, Worcester and Truro. It was then a race for the teams to get back to their retrospective offices (“Base”) before the day ended.

Just like Channel 4’s Hunted, the teams only had limited cash, a burner phone with £10 credit for emergencies (no internet), first aid kits, food and water, and a map and compass to find their way.

This provided the perfect opportunity to create some healthy competition whilst raising money for these two fantastic charities.


Bishop Fleming Race To Base Bishop Fleming Race To Base

Why are we doing it?

Cornwall Air AmbulanceYour charity, saving lives

Cornwall Air Ambulance is the charity that provides critical care to the most seriously sick and injured people in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. The crew attend more than 1,000 missions every year, and with no direct government support towards running costs, it relies on the generosity of the public to keep flying.

Since taking to the skies in 1987, Cornwall Air Ambulance was the first air ambulance in the UK and has since completed more than 31,000 missions saving countless lives. Given the county’s isolated beaches, rural settlements and challenging road networks, Cornwall Air Ambulance is considered a lifeline by residents and visitors alike.

The helicopter is on scene on average in just 12 minutes in mainland Cornwall and less than 30 minutes on the Isles of Scilly. The paramedic aircrew provide pre-hospital critical care at the scene of the incident.

Midlands Air AmbulanceSaving Lives By Saving Time

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity provides a lifesaving service across six Midlands counties, including Worcestershire, the West Midlands, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire. It cares for a population of six million and cover some of the county’s busiest motorway networks and most rural areas.

They operate three air ambulance helicopters and two critical care cars from the airbases in Worcestershire, Shropshire and Staffordshire. The airbases are strategically located to ensure they reach patients across the region in ten minutes.

Their crew consists of critical care paramedics and pre-hospital emergency medicine doctors. Together they bring specialist equipment and advanced medication which means they take the hospital to the scene of the incident, helping to increase survival rates.

The Results

Both teams set off bright and early from Taunton at 8am - and the results are in...

Team Worcester (Davina Hira, Shannon Grimsley, Oscar Bird & Marcus Williams): Returned to base at 11:44am

Bishop Fleming Race To Base

Team Truro (Ryan Williams, Isaac Barrow, Joely Brewer & Scarlet Cox): Returned to base at 1.30pm

Bishop Fleming Race To Base

Congratulations to both teams for working together and getting back in record time! Even though the challenge has ended, you can still donate to our chosen charities by clicking the buttons below.